Vocaloid Pics and more.

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Vocaloid Pics and more.

Bài gửi by ~Spark~ on Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:38 pm

Over the past few months I've been collecting a lot of Vocaloid pictures from Japanese sites, I currently have over 300 of them and many more coming along, I thought it would be selfish to keep them all to myself. So I uploaded them to Mediafire :D
Although I already posted the links in the MMD and PV topic, I thought I should probably make a separate topic since I plan to upload more.
Most of the pics are of Miku, but I have a few of Rin, Len, Haku, Neru and Luka.
I have them zipped in 5 groups of 50 so far, but I plan to ad more soon.
Here are the links:

For a general idea of what to expect go to this link here:
>>Up to picture 37<<

I also have a collection of random anime-artwork, over a 1000 picture in that collection, so I have not even started to upload them XD
If you ever want to have them PM me and I'll think of a way to get them too you. XD
Here's what they are like:
>>Up to pic 63<<

I also have a bunch of Vocaloid music downloaded. A lot of it Ryuk gave to me though (Which I am thankful for) but I have downloaded some myself, I actually can't remember which albums I got from Ryuk and which ones I downloaded myself though Oc nuoc So I'll probably just post links for all of them. At an later date.
A good site for Vocaloid stuff is >This one here< Most of their uploads are in good quality and are well organized. ^^

In the mean time enjoy the pics ^^


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Re: Vocaloid Pics and more.

Bài gửi by Ryukrieger on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:09 am

Oh, I know you would do this someday XD

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